Elframo have a rich history of creating commercial grade catering equipment, stretching all the way back to 1968.

Based in Italy, Elframo began life as a small company working from a modest warehouse in Bergamo. Angelo Mora opened this workshop with the aim of producing some of the finest kitchen appliances on the market.

Quickly gaining a reputation for quality and consistency, Angelo's company grew to supply units for companies in over 50 countries worldwide.

Building upon the initial success, Elframo has now become one of the foodservice industries most trusted names, with the Italian-company remaining true to their original philosophy of modernising the world of catering.

Researching, developing and engineering every single product that they product, Elframo have two manufacturing plants that produce and export 70% of their global output.

With a focus on key areas such as fryers, they produce sleek, attractive cooking equipment that also performs at the highest level.

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