Giving you access to a unique flavour when cooked, Pira have been designing and manufacturing some of the finest charcoal ovens available to catering professionals since 1984.

Over 30 years of experience and countless models shipped later, the brand have mastered the art of charcoal grilling and barbecue manufacturing.

Originating in Barcelona, Spain, the brand still maintains it's base in the Catalan capital; becoming one of the world leaders in charcoal and barbecue cuisine.

If you are looking to incorporate and invigorate your guests and diners, then the smells and of course tastes of traditional charcoal-cooked cuisine might be the option you have been searching for. 

Sold and loved in over 40 countries worldwide, each unit is carefully constructed in Pira's specialist Spanish facility to ensure that you can create some of the best-grilled meat, fish, vegetables and more with each and every usage.

Expertly crafted and built to last, you can be confident with any Pira product purchase.

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