Established in 1971, The Proton Group are one of the UK major suppliers of specialist cleaning chemicals and advanced hygiene solutions for the foodservice and drinks industries.

Based in Normanton, West Yorkshire, the company has produced a range of bar cleaning chemicals that are designed to increase the lifespan of your glassware and drinks service specific items.

Best known for producing a range of lipstick removing chemicals for usage with wine glasses and more, the company have a wide range of cleaning products to help enhance your standard cleaning processes without detriment to the quality of your serving equipment.

From their dedicated research & development, administration, production and distribution centre in West Yorkshire, Proton have lead the industry in creating professional cleaning solutions for the trade.

Incredibly proactive in their pursuit of cleaning excellence, it's no wonder that Proton are one of the market leaders in professional cleaning solutions.

The Quash lipstick removal system is an innovative design for the pre-wash removal of grease and lipstick from all types of glassware. Dirty glasses can leave a poor impression, but using the Quash system in conjunction with glass can eliminate this worry for good.

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