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An integral addition to any commercial kitchen, and a simple piece of equipment that can change working process, a kettle is perfect for times when only a small or finite amount of water is needed quickly.

Simple and practical, a kettle can be stored for easy-access without taking up much space both on a counter or in a storage cabinet.

Incredibly intuitive and easy to use, our range of commercial kettles are designed with safety and quality in mind, with automatic cut-off functions to preserve kettle lifespan. We offer cordless kettles from Kenwood, Caterlite and Burco.

For those requiring a medium capacity kettle, then our simple kettles are perfect for your usage needs. If a larger capacity model is more your thing, then our Burco stainless steel kettles are capable of boiling up to 4 litres of water, allowing you greater flexibility when serving.

If extremely high levels of boiling water are required, then we would recommend taking a look at our entire range of water boilers. A dedicated water boiler will provide incredibly high amounts of hot and boiling water without compromise.

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