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Catering Toasters

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Catering Toasters

Synonymous with exceptional breakfast service and helping guests get perfectly golden brown toasted bread in almost no time at all, the catering toaster could prove to be a valuable asset to your breakfast service system.

For businesses that want to focus on breakfast, the catering toaster is a much more adept addition than comparable home toasters, providing high output and consistency that cannot be matched by a simple toaster from high street retailers.

Commercial toasters do come in a range of shapes, sizes and outputs with many appearing similar to their domestic counterparts.

Despite these similarities in looks and operation, the commercial grade toaster will feature uniquely designed heating elements that have been engineered for continuous heating and toasting of bread products.

Rapid, continuous usage is one of a whole host of benefits that the commercial toaster can provide over domestic counterparts alongside the safety and security that these powerful units provide.

Most of our options are capable of toasting and reheating hundreds of perfectly prepared slices of toast per hour, dramatically reducing your service time, meaning a catering toaster could be a great hassle-free addition to your service space or kitchen. 

High-grade materials are used to ensure that our options are built to withstand your high usage kitchen workplace.

Our range of commercial catering toasters include standard slot toasters, specialised sandwich and bun toasters, large-scale commercial orientated models that are designed to toast en masse and conveyor units that are perfect for self-service environments such as breakfast bars - so whatever type of toaster you need, you can be assured you'll find it with CS Catering Equipment.

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