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Potato Ovens

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Potato Ovens

Jacket potatoes are a brilliant healthy comfort food that can be cooked quickly and easily using one of our showpiece potato ovens.

We have a wide range of low and high capacity ovens capable of baking and cooking up to 120 potatoes. A perfect winter warmer option that can be filled with all manner of delicious ingredients.

Whether you require a large front of house showpiece oven with display unit, small efficient mobile cater options or an oven that will solely be used in your commerical kitchen, we are sure that we have a potato oven for your business.

Exceptionally well built and versatile, our potato ovens have a wide range of features, they are not limited to just cooking potatoes and can be used to heat up a number of other foods.

With models from manufacturers such as King Edward, Counterline, Roller Grill and Queen Victoria. Check out our full range today.

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