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Rice Cookers

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Rice Cookers

The process of cooking rice is a time consuming and meticulous process. To ensure that you get the perfect rice every time takes not only practice, but plenty of skill.

Our range of rice cookers are perfect for simplifying the process and help you to focus on other tasks, with rice cooked to perfection every time without supervision or a great deal of effort.

Our machines come in a variety of capacities, with smaller rice cookers available in 5 litre capacities, whereas larger cookers have up-to 23 litre capacities.

Widely used in both domestic and commerical kitchens, a rice cooker is not only the perfect addition to a restaurant or takeaway, but will save you time and therefore money when compared to traditional rice cooking methods.

Worry less about your rice and more about the more intricate parts of your dishes.

With models from the biggest brands in the industry such as Buffalo, Caterlite and Maestrowave, we are sure there is a rice cooker made to your specific requirements.

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