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Passthrough Dishwashers

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Passthrough Dishwashers

A hood type passthrough dishwasher is ideal for both straight in line and corner situations - suitable for washing trays, as well as all types of plates, cups, glasses and cutlery.

Using a pass through type dishwasher saves time, streamlining the process and enabling you to wash a higher quantity of items in a shorter period of time.

They are better suited to higher-demand situations, where you need to turn around used crockery and cutlery in a short period of time, due to their quick to reload design.

The operator can quickly open the lid, place a basket of dishes to be washed, lower the hood down on top of the basket, and the machine does the rest - your staff can do other work whilst the process takes place, such as preparing the next load.

With a passthrough dishwasher, the entire machine assembly rotates and lifts up out of the way, allowing the basket to be placed quickly and easy from multiple direction - rather than needing to line up a basket into a narrow space.

It's a great way to speed up your processes and handle large amounts of washing up in a speedy manner. With fast-turn around times and crystal results with every use, dish washers are an economical and vital piece of catering equipment.

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