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Combining the power of a blender and mixer into one unit has created the commercial Blixer, a catering appliance that features the cutter and blending blades into a useful kitchen addition.

Intended for a multitude of uses and kitchen scenarios, a Blixer provides reducing and emulsifying abilties to help you create a whole host of smooth dishes.

Unlike a standard blender or mixer, the addition of this solely commercial catering appliance will produce smooth pureed and processed beyond what is capable of standard units.

Quiet, powerful and energy efficient, you can create all kinds of dishes, from pates to soups, even ice cream and gravies, you have unrivalled control over these powerful machines.

We stock a range of Blixers from the industry leaders Robot Coupe, providing you with genuine 'cutting-edge' solutions to a range of kitchen requirements.

Robot Coupe Blixers

Robot Coupe Blixers are renowned for quality, consistency and power.

Providing your business with perfect combination of the blender and mixer in one convenient unit, this is an ideal addition to the commercial kitchen that is looking to improve their serving and preparation options.

With a range of capacities, designs, countertop and standalone models, Robot Coupe have helped create one of the most relied-upon range of commerial Blixers on the market.

Innovative features, long lasting components and affordable prices make Robot Coupe Blixers an attractive prospect.

If you want to create quality soups, purees, pates and much more, then maybe it's time you invested in a Blixer.

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