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A commercial food dehydrator is a useful tool for preserving food, creating dried foods and simply used to create display items for your restaurant, bar or cafe.

A great way to create healthier options, the water content is removed, which helps keep the food fresh for extended periods of time.

Make your own jerky, dried fruits and vegetables for snacks or garnishes, and utilise the power of the professional food dehydrator.

Our entire range is designed to help you make the very best dried options simply by managing the entire process.

The increasing popularity of healthy dried fruits, nuts and vegetables as snack items means you can truly benefit from a dehydrator as more customers look for low-fat light bites.

Simply slice the fruit, veg or meat thinly and then place on one of the internal trays, leaving the machine to take care of the rest.

As a preservation tool, a food dehydrator could be one of the best investments you never thought to make.

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