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Hamburger Machines

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Hamburger Machines

Whether you are a butchers, farm shop or a busy restaurant, one of our hand-operated hamburger machines will provide the perfect solution to your needs if you are thinking - or indeed already are - serving up hamburgers on a regular basis.

These handy machines make uniform sized patties of a consistent shape every single time, making them highly reliable and efficient units.

Available in a number of sizes from brands such as Buffalo and Metcalfe, pick up an easy to use hamburger machine today.

Fimar Hamburger Press

Save effort, save time and save money via the effective portion control offered with investment in a Fimar hamburger press.

Ideal for fast food restaurants that are looking to increase the quality control and portion management of their burgers.

Shaping ground meat into the perfect patty, a Fimar hamburger press provides just the right amount of pressre for accurate, repeatable results.

Easy to use handles ensure that even staff members that lack the strength to truly form the perfect burger will be able to pitch in.

Simple operation and literally no power draw mean that this is simply put the most efficient method of burger prep for your food business.

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