Bain Maries

Bain Maries

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  1. Interlevin BM8710 Wet Heat Bain Marie
    Wet heat operation only - 1/1GN sized
    List: £129.00 Save: 40%

    As low as £92.00 £76.67

  2. Elstar EM131 Single Door Back Bar Bottle Cooler
    Dims (mm): 600w x 520d x 870h
    List: £472.00 Save: 37%

    As low as £425.33 £354.44

  3. Igloo Rota 100 Slimline Serve Over Counter
    Dimensions 1070w x 830d x 1220h
    List: £2,024.29 Save: 50%

    As low as £1,212.96 £1,010.80

  4. Igloo Rota 130 Slimline Serve Over Counter
    Dimensions 1310w x 830d x 1220h
    List: £2,245.75 Save: 50%

    As low as £1,345.66 £1,121.38

  5. Igloo Rota 150 Slimline Serve Over Counter
    Dimensions 1510w x 830d x 1220h
    List: £2,600.30 Save: 50%

    As low as £1,558.09 £1,298.41

  6. Trimco TAVIRA II 150 Slimline Serve Over Counter
    Dims (mm): 1480w x 826d x 1271h
    List: £1,975.00 Save: 35%

    As low as £1,602.67 £1,335.56

  7. Igloo Rota 170 Slimline Serve Over Counter
    Dimensions 1710w x 830d x 1220h
    List: £2,829.62 Save: 50%

    As low as £1,695.50 £1,412.92

  8. Igloo Rota 200 Slimline Serve Over Counter
    Dimensions 2050w x 830d x 1220h
    List: £3,148.80 Save: 50%

    As low as £1,886.76 £1,572.30

  9. Igloo Rota 250 Slimline Serve Over Counter
    Dimensions 2520w x 830d x 1220h
    List: £4,012.59 Save: 50%

    As low as £2,404.34 £2,003.62

9 Items

Bain Maries

Used to display and keep food warm before serving, a bain marie is a versatile kitchen appliance. These units find use in many catering businesses and are enjoying a boom in popularity. They hold a fantastic ability to keep food heated at a constant temperature.

The bain marie has become synonymous with canteens, carveries and fast food restaurants. They're helpful for those that need quick access to quality, consistent prepared foods.

By holding food at a consistent temperature that doesn't vary, you can cook delicate foods. This means you can extend the shelf life and reduce your food waste.

Not only that, but a bain marie (or series of them) could help maximise your potential profits as a result.

They utilise a double boiler. This is a heated water bath, within which is another container which holds the foodstuff.

These units are for gentle cooking as part of a food display, combined with merchandising or heated gantry units. Help entice your customers and give them peace of mind when choosing a range of dishes.

Perfect for a range of food, with options for both wet and dry food, and either gas or electric-powered units. This could be exactly what your kitchen or serving space has been missing.

Dry vs Wet Heat

Bain maries hold a variety of foods - gravies, sauces, soups, meats, vegetables and more for up to several hours. But what is the difference?

Dry heat variants are suitable for wide range of food service applications. Wet heat bain maries are perfect for delicate products like custard, gravies, soups and sauces.

What works best for your particular business is bound by what kinds of foods you plan on serving. Some units offer both dry and wet heat options to give you a better range of serving options.

Buffalo Bain Marie

Good value for those on any budget, a Buffalo unit is available in a wide range of sizes and capacities. They feature stainless steel finishes and exceptional build quality.

Durable, affordable and stylish, what more can you expect from Buffalo?

Burco Bain-Marie

Burco have an outstanding track record as manufacturers of complete bain marie units. Trusted for their simple use, quality finish and range, it's no wonder that so many trust the Burco brand.

Lincat Bain Maries

Featuring the signature Lincat look, simple lines and brushed stainless steel finishes. Lincat dedicate themselves to offering one of the best British made selections.

Parry Bain-Marie

A Parry model offers flexibility for your kitchen and serving spaces. They have a focus on outdoor catering or mobile catering units.

Parry are known for providing long-lasting and durable equipment and accessories.

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