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Hot Cupboards & Plate Warmers

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Hot Cupboards & Plate Warmers

Hot Cupboards and plate warmers provide your service areas with direct access to a range of hot foods and crockery for instant service, especially important in large scale catering institutions, canteens, restaurants and more.

Available in a range of types, sizes and specialities, our hot cupboard selection has been hand-picked to help you continue serving quality dishes long after initially being cooked.

Understanding the processes that many business and catering establishments follow, we also provide a range of both static and mobile models with compact designs to towing cables included.

With models available from the industry leaders such as Buffalo, Lincat, Falcon, Parry, Vitor and a whole host of others, we can ensure that our products are not only reliable but offer exceptional quality and value.

Hot Cupboards

Incredibly versatile, simply put: a hot cupboard is purposefully designed in order to keep food heated, and fresh, for as long as possible once they have been cooked.

These appliances will help maintain an excellent dish standard, especially in busy kitchens and those hectic serving periods.

With a wide selection of units available, spanning from static light-duty dual function cupboards through to wheeled holding cabinets and serveries, you will find a choice that is suitable for your needs.

Used in a growing number of businesses, a hot cupboard could be the perfect addition to your serving arsenal, with mobile and static options available to help your entire food preparation and serving processes in an instant.

Food warming drawers

Keep food batches and pre-prepared meals at serving temperature and ready for the for guests streamlining your food preparation, ensuring that food is safe for last-minute preparation before inevitable serving.

Popular in takeaways and high output establishments that require large amounts of food preparation before opening, food warming drawers are used by the likes of Nandos, McDonalds and more.

Plate Warmers

Designed with the specific purpose of keeping your plates ready and at optimum temperature before service, a dedicated plate warmer is a powerful tool within any kitchen or food service business.

Warm crockery ensures that your food stays at the perfect temperature for much longer than if served on a cold plate.

Additionally, a warm plate lets your customer know you take care of your guests and the food you serve.

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