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Blast Chillers

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Blast Chillers

Blast chillers provide the ability to safely cool a range of hot food and raw produce. This is ideal for quick and convenient storage in your commercial freezer or fridge unit.

This equipment ensures that your prep areas adhere to health and safety standards. They also free the pressures placed upon your kitchen staff by allowing for preparation of dishes for cold storage.

Our extensive range of blast chillers and freezers offer a systematic, safe way to cool food quickly and in a hygienic way. They help minimise bacterial growth and preserving food quality.

The blast chiller has become an essential in many commercial kitchen environments. Many model and power variations tailored to different foodservice businesses.

Capable of reducing food core temperature, our range of blast chillers can reduce food from 70°C to 3°C fast. This is much faster than conventional fridges or freezers, allowing you to safely store food.

As a food preparation tool, the blast chiller can help streamline your cooking procedures. This is done by allowing bulk portions or dishes to be made before a serving period.

Blast Freezers

Blast freezers operate in the same way as the majority of blast chillers and provide a very similar function. The difference is that these units can freeze food which is useful for those looking to cook, prepare and store large quantities of food in one go.

Freeze food in mere seconds, allowing you to increase the lifespan of many of your raw produce and pre-prepared dishes. This in-turn increases your kitchen efficiency.

Blast freezers utilise a powerful air circulation system to draw heat out and reduce temperatures. They do this all whilst preserving food quality and freshness.

Thawing Cabinets

The addition of a thawing cabinet ensures that food and raw produce adjusts to the correct ambient temperature.

Thawing cabinets allow for overnight thawing of your frozen food so that you food safety regulations are adhered to.

These units help reintroduce heat into frozen products. They do this via a controlled procedure, to refrigeration ready temperatures. They are much faster than standard standardised defrosting processes.

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