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Fridge & Freezer Counters

Fridge & Freezer Counters

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  1. Best Seller
    Capital Cooling GN3100BT Triple Door Freezer Counter
    Triple Door Freezer Counter
    List: £1,415.00 Save: 33%
    £1,132.00 £943.33
  2. Best Seller
    Xtra XR2H Double Door Fridge Counter
    List: £2,258.00 Save: 44%

    As low as £1,505.33 £1,254.44

  3. Best Seller
    Williams HJC4 Undercounter Refrigerator
    Four door refrigerated counter
    List: £4,505.00 Save: 33%

    As low as £3,604.00 £3,003.33

  4. Adande VCS2/CW Prep Counter Unit With Solid Worktop
    Adande prep counter with solid worktop

    Price available on request

  5. Adande VCS2/CW/S2 Saladette Unit
    Adande refrigerated unit with saladette

    Price available on request

  6. Adande VCS2/CT Under Counter Two Drawer Unit
    Ideal for non load bearing undercounter storage solutions

    Price available on request

  7. Adande VCS1/CHS Chefs Base Unit - Hot Cookline Applications
    Lower heights of these units make these a very versatile base

    Price available on request

  8. Adande VCS1/CW Chefs Base Unit - Cool Cookline Applications
    Lower heights of these units make these very versatile

    Price available on request

  9. Adande VCS3/CT Three Drawer Storage Unit
    Offering an ergonomic alternative to the traditional upright unit

    Price available on request

  10. Shelf Guides For Blizzard HBC & LBC Counters
    Shelf guides to suit Blizzard B1-SHELF02 shelves.
    £52.13 £43.44
  11. Additional Shelf For Blizzard HBC & LBC Range Of Counters
    Refrigerated counter shelf.
    £57.65 £48.04
  12. Koldbox KXCC2 Two Door Refrigerated Counter
    Compact unit with 700mm depth - Supplied on feet
    List: £765.00 Save: 33%
    £612.00 £510.00
  13. Prodis EC-2SS Compact Two Door Counter Refrigerator
    Space saving design
    List: £1,020.00 Save: 44%

    As low as £681.95 £568.29

  14. Valera VSALSS2 Two Door Refrigerated Counter
    Capacity 240 Litres / 8.5 CuFt
    List: £965.00 Save: 38%
    £707.66 £589.72
  15. G-Line GS91 Gastronorm Counter
    260L Gastronorm Counter
    List: £905.00 Save: 34%
    £713.33 £594.44
  16. Genfrost G901SS Two Door Refrigerated Counter
    Genfrost 2 door chiller counter
    List: £779.00 Save: 22%

    As low as £727.07 £605.89

  17. Polar U636 Compact Refrigerated Counter
    Two door stainless steel refrigerated counter with bottom compressor
    List: £669.99 Save: 6%
    £752.16 £626.80
  18. Genfrost G901GT Two Door Refrigerated Counter With Granite Top
    Genfrost 2 door chiller counter with granite top
    List: £835.00 Save: 22%

    As low as £779.33 £649.44

  19. Koldbox KXCC3 Three Door Refrigerated Counter
    Compact unit with 700mm depth - Supplied on feet
    List: £980.00 Save: 33%
    £784.00 £653.33
    Out of stock
  20. Blizzard BCC2-GR-TOP 240L 2 Door Gastronorm Counter with Granite Worktop
    1 x adjustable GN1/1 shelf per door
    List: £1,042.00 Save: 33%
    £833.60 £694.67
  21. Polar Double Door Refrigerated Counter with Marble Work Top 240Ltr
    2 Doors. Marble Counter 6x 1/1GN
    List: £779.99 Save: 9%
    £843.23 £702.69
  22. Blizzard BCC2 240L Compact Double Door Gastronorm Counter
    1 x adjustable GN1/1 shelf per door
    List: £1,090.00 Save: 33%
    £872.00 £726.67
  23. Genfrost G903SS Three Door Refrigerated Counter
    Genfrost 3 door chiller counter
    List: £939.00 Save: 22%

    As low as £876.40 £730.33

  24. Polar 3 Door Counter with Compressor Underneath (UK)
    3 door, 700mm depth with bottom compressor.
    List: £839.99 Save: 6%
    £943.01 £785.84
  25. Valera VSALSS3 Three Door Refrigerated Counter
    Capacity 368 Litres / 13 CuFt
    List: £1,290.00 Save: 38%
    £946.00 £788.33
    Out of stock
  26. Blizzard BCC2PREPGRANITE 240 2 Door Gastronorm Pizza Prep Counter
    5 x GN1/6 Gastronorm Capacity
    List: £1,186.00 Save: 33%

    As low as £948.80 £790.67

  27. Polar 1 Door & 2 Drawer Counter (UK)
    1 door and 2 drawers, 700mm depth.
    List: £889.99 Save: 10%
    £959.99 £799.99

Items 1-24 of 192


Fridge & Freezer Counters

Combining the cold and frozen storage ability with preparation area potential. The commercial fridge counter and freezer counter provides your business with the best of both worlds.

Refrigerated prep counters are ideal for kitchens that lack the required space for chilled storage and large prep areas. Or simply want quick direct access to raw produce.

It's for this quick access reason that the fridge counter has become synonymous with the fast food industry, where every second counts.

Offering you a wealth of food creation options, the fridge counter or freezer counter can be combined with a prep station or refrigerated servery option. This gives you a truly bespoke kitchen to customer service.

Always operational, the access to quality refrigerated storage and prep space has never been easier. Also helping you adhere to strict food safety laws.

We offer everything from compact double door counter fridges to large four-door all-in-one prep stations.

Many units include features such as gastronorm compatibility, castors or fixed legs. Ultimately, you remain in control of your kitchen areas.

Suited to many commercial catering environments including cafes, bars, restaurants, canteens, kitchens, bakeries and more. We ensure that each one is capable of exceeding your expectations.

The counter fridge can be very useful for front-of-house and self-service areas. Such is the capability of these powerful commercial catering units.

If you would like to learn more or have specific questions about the benefits of counter fridges and freezers, then please call 01977 687 665 to speak to a member of our team about these exceptional bits of kitchen kit.