11 Items

  1. ISM SM301 Minibar
    Ideal for hotels/b&b's boardrooms or anywhere a silent running unit is important
    List: £272.40 Save: 33%
    List: £227.00 Save: 33%
    £180.00 £150.00
  2. Polar GE579 GE579 G-Series Hotel Room Mini Fridge
    60W. Capacity: 29 Ltr. R600a
    List: £287.99 Save: 19%
    List: £239.99 Save: 19%
    £230.86 £192.38
  3. Tefcold TM32 Solid Door Minibar
    Black 31L solid door Minibar

    List: £429.60 Save: 31%
    List: £358.00 Save: 31%
    As low as £294.18 £245.15

  4. Tefcold TM33G Glass Door Minibar
    Black 29L glass door Minibar

    List: £456.00 Save: 31%
    List: £380.00 Save: 31%
    As low as £312.26 £260.22

  5. Tefcold TM44G Glass Door Minibar
    36L Glass Door Minibar

    List: £500.40 Save: 31%
    List: £417.00 Save: 31%
    As low as £342.66 £285.55

11 Items


An iconic item within hotels around the world, a mini bar is a great way to passively offer products to guests without having to leave their room, boardroom or meeting room.

Although designed with hotels, boardrooms and meeting rooms in mind, a mini bar fridge can be the perfect refrigeration solution for areas where there is not enough space for a full sized refrigeration unit or larger countertop unit.

Mini bar refrigerators are perfect for areas where space is an issue, but chilled storage is required. Take a look at our quality mini bars from trusted manufacturers such as ISM, Tecfold and Valera.

Valera Minibars

A hotel room can be judged upon the quality of it's minibar, that's why we stock the specifically designed and quality Valera Minibars with both solid and glass doors to suit your usage needs.

Introduce a new way for guests to enjoy your products, whilst maximising income with a low power usage unit that keeps items cool and ready to consume.

With capacities from 35 litres up to 60 litres available in simple unassuming black stainless steel and brushed chrome finishes also being present.

Designed to be stored within cabinets or inside furniture units, a Valera mini bar is a true professional choice.