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Prep Counters

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Prep Counters

For the perfect blend of chilled storage and safe food preparation space a dedicated food prep counter is a must. With dedicated chilled storage and worktop space in one unit, food preparation is streamlined.

Compatible with a large number of other kitchen appliances and kitchen units, we can provide part and full prep counter solutions as per your kitchen requirements.

Design is of course import, as is usability, so our prep counters all come with unique designs, finishes and technical features to suit your specific kitchen goals. With stainless steel finishes and other aethethic qualities making them an excellent addition to your commercial premises.

Perfect for front-of-house and back-of-house locations, if you are looking for a prep counter for perfect pizza making, or just a simple counter fridge combination, then rest assured that our range contains an option to suit your requirements.

You'll find prep counters from renowned brands such as Atosa, Blizzard, Foster, Genfrost, Infrico, Polar, LEC, Prodis and much more within our online catalogue.

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