What review platforms do we use?

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eKomi Reviews

We take pride in all aspects of our business, and that means we love to get feedback from our customers!

And so, by using the third party review system eKomi, we are able to give all customers a fair and impartial review platform to analyse and rate all aspects of our service.

All reviews, whether positive or negative help us assess and monitor our progress whilst also allowing us to get valuable feedback that is used to improve every area of our operation.

The eKomi rating is generated from reviews left by verified customers, so you can be sure that our rating is fair and completely impartial.

With eKomi reviews you are able to leave your comments and rating without having to create an account or sign in to a new service, instead, your order number is enough to give us some much-appreciated feedback.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews

For those that would prefer to use the Google system, we also allow for reviews to be left via the Google Reviews platform.

For anyone with a Gmail account, it's as easy as logging in and leaving your comments.

To see our current Google Review score or to leave feedback of your own please click the image above to get started.

Help and Advice

We appreciate that sometimes things might not be perfect, and so, we advise that before leaving a negative review customers contact our Customer Service team for advice, help and support with any order or issue you may be having.

By contacting us first, in almost every single case, we are able to offer a solution that will leave you feeling positive about using our service and rushing back to see us soon!

If you are experiencing an issue and would like support, help or advice please call our Customer Service team on: 01977 687 666