Churchill Crockery

Churchill Crockery

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  1. Churchill Stonecast Round Wide Rim Bowls Mustard Seed Yellow 240mm
    240(⌀)mm / 9.5"
    £176.89 £147.41
  2. Churchill Stonecast Round Wide Rim Bowls Mustard Seed Yellow 280mm
    280(⌀)mm / 11"
    £203.98 £169.98

2 Items

Churchill Crockery

We supply a huge range of Churchill crockery and Churchill china, each item of which has been specially crafted to meet the exacting demands of all aspects of the catering, restaurant and foodservice trade.

Working out of their Staffordshire base since 1795, the company is a global when it comes to tableware and have continuously led the way, instigating the advancement of the entire industry and at times dragging it forwards. To date, Churchill branded plates, saucers and bowls can be found in over seventy different countries.

The majority of these items are dishwasher and microwavable safe and complies with BS 4034 standards and has is ISO 9001 recognised.*

Churchill’s exceptional range of crockery, tableware and tabletop accessories are the embodiment of over two hundred years of industry leading manufacturing practices and cutting-edge designs.

Choose from a broad range of shapes and styles that range from modern designs all the way through to antique-inspired ornate patterns. Whatever theme you’re searching for, you’re likely to find a range that suits your needs.

Their three main parent collections, Alchemy Fine China, Churchill Super Vitrified and Art de Cuisine, cater to a variety of establishments and each have their own traits, lending themselves to certain parts of the industry.

Alchemy Fine China

Alchemy is a range of exquisite fine china crockery which is available in a number of different designs.

This premium collection allows provides the very best in fine dining and presentation whilst also being durable enough to thrive in the most demanding of premises. Churchill’s Alchemy collection is certain to bring a unique ambiance to any restaurant.

Popular ranges include: Alchemy Moonstone and Alchemy White**

Churchill Super Vitrified

The Super Vitrified collection is the ideal solution for restaurants and cafes that are fast-paced and demanding in nature.

All the crockery under the Churchill Super Vitrified umbrella has been constructed out of one of the strongest ceramic materials and designed to catch the eye, enabling operators to choose both durability and style without having to make any concessions.

Popular ranges include: Bamboo, Mediterranean and Stonecast**

Art de Cuisine

Focusing on the latest trends in fashion and design, Churchill’s Art de Cuisine collections incorporates wood, porcelain and stoneware items to create dynamic presentations that are sure to be as dynamic and engaging as your menu.

Popular ranges include: Menu and Rustic Charms**

* For specific information regarding individual items and ranges please check the appropriate listing or contact a member of our team.

**Please note that availability can vary