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Beer Glasses

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Beer Glasses

Integral in any busy bar, pub, restaurant or bistro, beer glasses can instantly change your entire drink serving experience and entice customers to try a wider range of your beer selection.

Coming in a distinct range of sizes and usually made from glass or a composite, our entire range has been designed specifically for commercial usage, meanign that these beer glasses are hardwearing, easy to clean and incredibly affordable.

Branded beer glasses

It's common knowledge that for the most part, you drink with your eyes first. Each of the most popular beers has its own unique glass to accompany it, a great marketing trick, not only are these glasses are designed to make a beer look its best.

They also are designed to help with head retention properties, making each beer taste as it should from the very first drop whilst offering an attractive design.

Matching your glasses to your beer is incredibly important, so we can provide a range of branded beer glasses from the likes of Carling, Becks, Worthington's and Caffrey's alongside large soft drinks manufacturer Coca Cola.

Conical glasses

Classic conical pint glasses and half pint glasses. Made from toughened glass and designed for functionality and practicality, these CE stamped beer glasses are glasswasher safe and perfect for bars, clubs, pubs and more.

Continental Pilsner glasses

Pilsner glasses are ideal for serving light, Bavarian beers. Designed to display the clear, golden colour and retain head, pilsner glasses are slender and graceful.

Stemmed glasses

Stemmed beer glasses are ideal for serving beers and lagers from around the globe, with eye-catching styling that helps enhance a beer's individual characteristics.

Available in a range of shapes and sizes, the stemmed beer glass is perfect for all manner of continental beers, with toughened stems and hardened feet, these are 100% dishwasher safe.


Iconic with the traditional British pub and a pint of bitter or ale, the tankard has seen a resurgeance in recent years thanks to the growing popularity of craft and cask ale enthusiasts.

We understand the importance of the classic tankard, and so we offer dimpled tankard, stainless steel tankards, Bremen tankards and abbey tankards, all of which are the perfect addition to the traditional ale house and CAMRA crowd looking for specialist beers and ciders.

Our traditional pint tankard, half pint tankard and dimpled tankard are ideal for real ale pubs, bars, beer festivals and dedicated beer buffs.

Toughened glasses

We understand that customers can get rowdy, and legislation must be followed if alcohol consumption takes place outside, which is why we also offer the finest quality plastic and synthetic beer and pint glasses available.

Ideal for busy pubs, bars and clubs, these toughened glasses offers extra resistance, a longer lifespan and much safer than traditional glass options.

Along with being lighter and safer, these glasses are incredibly durable, safe for stacking and 100% dishwasher safe and available in a variety of styles, CE marked pint glasses to elegant tulip glasses, all from trusted brands.

All of our beer and pint glasses are dishwasher safe, with half pint and pint sized glasses available in all of our range.

Give your glasses a refresh with our exceptional prices and extensive range today.

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