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Combination Ovens

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Combination Ovens

Combination ovens or combi ovens are some of the most versatile and trusted pieces of catering equipment in a commercial kitchen.

A combination oven has three main functions, convection, steam and combination cooking.

The convection mode is much like standard cooking methods, dry-heat is circulated to heat and cook food. This mode is perfect for pastries and breads.

A steam function adds water to the oven and is perfect for a variety of steam cooking tasks, like poaching fish, steaming rice and vegetables.

The combination function allows for both steam and dry-heat cooking at the same time, giving exact control over humidity. By doing this we can cook food at higher temperatures without burning or searing food.

This function not only improves cooking times, but also reduces shrinkage and foodstuff weight.

Versatile and maximising kitchen efficiency, transform your kitchen with the addition of a combi oven. Cooking and reheating tasks becoming simpler and quicker whilst decreasing operation costs. Lower costs to run over a conventional oven system, microwave and steam oven, with increased flexibility.

Today, chefs and caterers alike have a wide choice of models to pick and chose from.

Here at CS Catering Equipment we offer a thorough range of commercial combi ovens from the leading manufacturers. Such as Rational, Lainox and Lincat, who cover all aspects of the market. This makes our selection of commercial combination ovens suitable for everybody - from high street restaurants and hotels, through to canteens.

Electric Combi Ovens

We have a range of electric combination ovens available from oven masters like Lincat, Rational, Lainox and Convotherm. Touch screen equipment is available, as well as different capacities to suit your gastronorms. Including 1/1 GN, 1/2 GN, 2/1 GN and 2/3 GN.

Gas Combi Ovens

If you prefer cooking with a gas oven, there is equipment from brands like Electrolux, Convotherm, Rational and Lainox. Gas ovens are also available with touch screen controls on some models, as well as manual dials.

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