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Crepe Makers

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Crepe Makers

Delicious crepes and pancakes become simple serving options for any caterer with a commercial crepe maker.

Transcending the continent, the crepe has become synonymous with street vendors and as a light dessert served with fruit and sweet fillings. But they also work well as a savoury option.

A crepe maker is a unique cooking option. They are designed for the sole purpose of creating smooth and consistent pancakes with every single usage.

Cast iron and stainless steel plating means these units provide consistent heat right across the surface. This gives you quick and easy crepes - yum!

Commercial crepe makers are perfect for use in cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and outdoor catering units.

Our refined selection of crepe makers come from the experts in the field and include Krampouz, Fimar, Roller Grill and Buffalo.

Other related equipment

Not content with just offering this popular breakfast option, we also boast commercial waffle makers which are ideal for a fully breakfast or dessert focussed business.

We also offer other suitable equipment that allows you to offer additional sweet and savory options such as with a doughnut fryer or a Panini Grill.

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