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Waffle Makers & Waffle Irons

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Waffle Makers & Waffle Irons

The ultimate in breakfast options is made almost effortless with a commercial waffle maker from our true professional caterer's selection.

A growing choice for those looking for a hearty breakfast, the waffle is synonymous as an American and European favourite.

Making it easy to turn batter into some of the finest waffles in town, a commercial waffle maker is a great option for those that want to offer a greater range of breakfast or even dessert options.

All it takes is a few simple toppings to instantly offer a food item that can be eaten at almost any time of the day! The waffle is just that flexible, a dollop of molten chocolate and you have a crowd-pleasing dessert or douse in maple syrup and you're serving the American breakfast classic.

The origins of the waffle can be traced back to the Middle Ages and this range of waffle makers, which contains models with one or two rings, will ensure that your premise, be it a restaurant, diner or canteen, can rustle up this timeless classic, effortlessly and consistently.

From the classic American-style waffle makers to the more traditional Belgian waffle makers, our simple selection is ideal for those that want refined options.

If you are a mobile caterer, then we have a selection of waffle makers that are perfect for a mobile van, stand and at home in just about any location.

Styles and sizes vary depending on your serving style, that's why we offer waffle makers with a range of output capabilities and plate style that can produce round, square or rectangle shaped batter-based delights.

The benefit to this choice is the ability to serve picture-perfect waffles, all thanks to this range of plates, shapes and sizes all of which are designed to make waffles that not only taste amazing but look the part too.

If you're after more batter-based goodness then we can offer a range of crepe makers and doughnut fryers to round off your sweet (or savoury) serving options.

For more information or to learn more about our entire range of commercial waffle makers and waffle irons then please call 01977 687 665.

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