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Teppanyaki Griddles

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Teppanyaki Griddles

The high-performance Teppanyaki griddle provides an Asian cooking option for any kitchen.

Built with a strong internal frame and powered by pipe burners for consistent heat throughout.

Engineered for front of house cooking, the Teppanyaki grill allows for the chef to provide theatrics to the cooking process. You can create a memorable dining experience for your guests.

A Teppanyaki grill works by having a high heat centre with cooler side portions for food warming. This gives chefs the flexibility for cooking management, unlike many other grills or griddles.

There's a growing trend for exotic dishes and diners wanting to try new foods and experiences. This means that the addition of this traditional Japanese cooking unit could prove to be a lucrative one.

All Nayati Teppanyaki's provide controlled temperature management delivering superior cooking results every time.

Its name comes from the word 'teppan', which means iron plate, and yaki, which means grilled, broiled or pan fried.

Ideal for frying and grilling meat, fish, vegetables and even fruit, the Teppanyaki griddle is a versatile unit. It's more than capable of cooking a range of sumptuous foods right before your customers eyes.

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