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Oriental Cooking

Oriental Cooking

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  1. Best Seller
    Roband SW5400 Rice Cooker
    Large 5.4 Litre capacity (30 portions)
    List: £270.00 Save: 23%
    £247.49 £206.24
  2. Best Seller
    Locher 201421 Electric Teppanyaki Griddle
    Dimensions: 1200x600x200mm
    List: £6,762.00 Save: 26%
    £5,970.00 £4,975.00
  3. Vogue Wooden Spatula Curved - 12"
    305mm (12"). Curved handle with a flat end.
    List: £2.29 Save: 30%
    £1.92 £1.60
  4. Vogue One Piece Ladle St/St - 65ml 3.2cm
    2.5" diameter. Hook handle.
    List: £5.29 Save: 63%
    £2.34 £1.95
  5. Vogue One Piece Ladle St/St - 122ml 3.9cm
    3" diameter. Hook handle.
    List: £5.99 Save: 59%
    £2.93 £2.44
  6. Vogue One Piece Ladle St/St - 180ml 4.3cm
    3.5" diameter. Hook handle.
    List: £6.79 Save: 57%
    £3.49 £2.91
  7. Vogue Flat Bottom Ladle St/St - 60ml 2oz
    2oz/ 56ml
    List: £4.39 Save: 29%
    £3.71 £3.09
  8. Vogue Spatulas Wood - 12"
    305mm (12"). Round end.
    List: £4.79 Save: 30%
    £4.02 £3.35
  9. Vogue One Piece Ladle St/St - 260ml 102mm 4" dia
    4" diameter. Hook handle.
    List: £6.99 Save: 50%
    £4.12 £3.43
  10. Chopsticks Melamine - 27cm (Pack 10 Pairs)
    270mm long. Box quantity: 10 pairs.
    List: £4.49 Save: 23%
    £4.13 £3.44
  11. Vogue Lifter St/St - 140mm Dia
    140mm diameter. Stainless steel lifter.
    List: £5.59 Save: 30%
    £4.69 £3.91
  12. Vogue Spatulas Wood - 18"
    457mm (18"). Round end.
    List: £5.69 Save: 29%
    £4.79 £3.99
  13. Vogue Flat Bottom Ladle St/St - 118ml 4oz
    4oz/ 112ml
    List: £5.69 Save: 29%
    £4.79 £3.99
  14. Vogue Flat Bottom Ladle St/St - 237ml 6oz
    6oz/ 168ml.
    List: £6.79 Save: 30%
    £5.70 £4.75
  15. Vogue Nickel Steel Lifter - 15cm dia 40cm handle
    150mm (5.9"). Professional quality nickel steel lifter.
    List: £16.99 Save: 68%
    £6.48 £5.40
  16. Vogue Spatulas St/St - 110mm
    4.25". 11cm.
    List: £7.79 Save: 30%
    £6.54 £5.45
  17. Vogue St/St Ladle Blue - 2oz
    Colour: blue. Capacity: 2.11oz (59.9ml)
    List: £7.89 Save: 30%
    £6.61 £5.51
  18. Vogue Soup Ladle St/St - 110mm
    4.25". 11cm.
    List: £7.99 Save: 30%
    £6.71 £5.59
  19. Vogue One Piece Ladle Perforated St/St - 65ml 3.2cm
    2.5" diameter. Hook handle.
    List: £8.49 Save: 33%
    £6.73 £5.61
  20. Vogue Round Tinned St/St Strainer - 10cm
    10cm diameter. Stainless steel mesh. ABS plastic handle.
    List: £8.49 Save: 30%
    £7.13 £5.94
  21. Vogue Bamboo Steamer - 150mm 6" (Set 2)
    6". 15.2cm diameter.
    List: £8.59 Save: 30%
    £7.21 £6.01
  22. Vogue Heavy Duty Perforated Ladle - 196ml 3.5"
    3.5" diameter. Hook handle.
    List: £8.99 Save: 30%
    £7.55 £6.29
  23. Vogue Heavy Duty Solid Spoon St/St - 18"
    18" long.
    List: £9.29 Save: 30%
    £7.80 £6.50
  24. Vogue St/St Ladle Teal - 6oz
    Colour: teal. Capacity: 6.26oz (177.9ml)
    List: £10.99 Save: 34%
    £8.58 £7.15
  25. Vogue Soup Ladle St/St - 196ml
    Length: 360mm. Stainless steel. 6.9oz/196ml.
    List: £10.99 Save: 34%
    £8.64 £7.20
  26. Vogue Round Tinned St/St Strainer - 14cm
    14cm diameter. Stainless steel mesh. ABS plastic handle.
    List: £10.99 Save: 30%
    £9.23 £7.69

Items 1-24 of 59


Oriental Cooking

Oriental cuisine covers a wide range of popular dishes. From Sushi to Noodles and Curry to Soups. But these specialist dishes can often require dedicated cooking equipment.

We have curated some of the very best professional Oriental kitchen and cooking equipment available online.

Every type of cuisine has been catered for. These unique cooking units provide the Oriental chef and kitchen with true tools of the trade to make world class meals.


This classic method of preparing meat, fish and vegetables requires a hot steel plate grill placed in front of diners for an added serving experience.

Derived from the word 'teppan', which means iron plate, and yaki, which means grilled, broiled or pan-fried. This Japanese cooking method is becoming increasingly popular as the British public has opened their palate to new taste experiences.

Wok Ranges

Designed to make traditional Chinese and other Oriental dishes quickly and effectively. The Wok range is unlike a standard electric or gas oven range found in normal kitchens.

These commercial grade ranges provide the tools for Oriental chefs to create world-class stir-fried food. They also include key usability features such as integrated taps, that cannot be found on similar kitchen equipment.

Of course, the Wok range has been designed to fit the usage of the Wok as a main cookware utensil. They utilise burning rings that help keep heat all areas of the pan for even, thorough cooking power.


Creating dishes such as crispy roast duck and pork are made easy with dedicated Oriental roasters. They can make light work of all types of traditionally roasted Chinese and Asian dishes.

Using technology and lava stone in some cases, cooking times are cut without sacrificing on consistency or quality.


Steamed foods are prominent in a whole host of Oriental oriented menus. These professionals steaming units make light work of the delicate steam cooking procedures.

From delicate doughy dishes to succulent meats and fish, a professional steamer can come in a range of sizes, shapes and use scenarios.

Steam cabinets include drawers for separate gas steaming of multiple dishes. Specialist Dim-Sum Trays provide the ideal cooking environment for the popular 'tapas style' Chinese menu item.

Noodle Cookers

Used in all kinds of Asian and Asian-fusion dishes, noodles are the perfect accompaniment to many sauces, meats, fish and vegetables. Good noodles are also a hallmark of quality Oriental food.

Saving time and effort, whilst also producing accurate, consistent results. The professional noodle cooker is essential to busy restaurants that want consistent quality.

Chinese Restaurant Equipment

We've got a huge range of equipment suitable for chinese restaurants or buffets. Featuring the specialist equipment required to cook authentic oriental dishes.

If you are looking for a specific product or need advice then please call us on 01977 687 665 to discuss your Oriental cooking options further.