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Wok Ranges

Wok Ranges

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Wok Ranges

Nayati Gas Woks

Nayati Woks are used in restaurant kitchens throughout the world for their power, performance and renowned build quality. In this four item range of Professional Gas Woks with Soup Kettles every location can provide authentic Asian Cuisine in the confidence of knowing Nayati has a reputation for equipment that delivers. Units include the following acessories Wok rings, Soup pans and Wok stands.

Nayati Gas Turbo Woks

The Professional Gas Turbo Wok is a high powered, heavy duty appliance built for durability in a busy Asian kitchen. Coming in two models, the first with one wok burner and a soup pan, and the second with two wok burners and a soup pan. This fantastic appliance also comes equipped with a wok stand and wok ring, to make sure cooking as as simple as possible.

Electric Woks

With a powerful heat for fast cooking in vast quanities, the Wok induction is built with a curved glass that is made for sautéing and boiling and much more. With a deep drawn Wok and soup pan the Nayati Wok induction is ideal for the fast paced kitchen.

Nayati Super Wok Ranges

The Nayati Super Range provides caterers that have a specific focus on Oriental cuisine with a dedicated and specialised cooking range for exquisitely cooked food.

Gas powered ranges are preferred by those that focus on quality Asian and Asian fusion dishes, with the Nayati Super Range being a common sight in many professional kitchens that understand the importance of quality cooking equipment.

Versatile pieces of kit, the open burner style is a hallmark of the Oriental burner range and the experts of Nayati provide the traditional Asian chef with the familiar tools to make the finest of foods.

Constructed with deep drawn wok and pot holders, the burner arrangement means a much more direct heat application than traditional 'European' burner rings for a faster and more direct pan heating.

The shape helps promote even distribution across the unique shape of the wok, whilst the wok holder means that should you leave the pan on the direct heat, it is safe and secure whilst you attend to other tasks should you so require.

Many models come complete with splashbacks for an easy post service hygiene process, and giving options for further placement within your kitchen areas.

Robust and crafted from stainless steel, any range from our Nayati selection is built to last in even the most demanding of kitchen environments.