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Sous Vide Equipment

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Sous Vide Equipment

Sous vide cooking is growing in popularity and is now being seen as one of the best methods of cooking certain dishes such as steak, thanks to the flavour retention provided by cooking in a water bath.

Taken from the French term 'under vacuum', sous vide is a method that fuses the vacuum packing of dishes and a temperature controlled water bath for food that is cooked for longer, but at a lower temperature than in a pan or in the oven.

By cooking at these lower temperatures and using a vacuum sealed bag, flavours and nutrients are retained, which results in a completely different dining experience when compared to searing or frying for instance.

Proper sous vide equipment is developed for usage in commercial kitchens, made with high-quality components and therefore built to withstand the high-pressure professional kitchen environment better than basic options available to the home cook.

If you're serious about sous vide, then we can provide an array of professional grade equipment that includes waterbaths, vacuum pack bags and machines, all allowing you, the commercial caterer, to utilise this unique but powerful cooking method.

To learn more about the benefits of sous vide cooking and how your business could invest in proper professional sous vide cooking equipment then please call 01977 687 665 to speak to a member of our team.

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