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If you require a helping hand to save time in the kitchen, a commercial dishwasher is an optimal solution.

Able to provide a continuous supply of clean cutlery, plates and glassware for your establishment then there are no better options than a commercial dishwasher, especially if time and staff are in limited supply.

A professional solution produces cleaning results that are not possible simply with a little elbow grease and some washing up liquid.

Our range of dishwashers from manufacturers such as Blue Seal, Cheftec, Classeq, ComendaElectrolux, Halcyon, Maidaid, Meiko and Sammic are specifically designed for high output cleaning.

We can provide a range of conveyor dishwashers, stand-alone machines or a smaller compact dishwasher units that still despite diminutive stature, produce exceptional cleaning results.

Coming in a range of styles and finishes, take a look at our huge range today and select a dishwasher that will increase your cleaning and cooking productivity.

Please call a member of our team on 01977 687 665 if you would like to discuss a commercial dishwasher option.

Call us today on 01977 687665

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