Promek are manufacturers of high quality fresh drink dispensing units and cold drink machines, designed for usage with fresh fruit juices, milk, slushes and much more.

Designed to to be used in some of the busiest sites, Promek have over 50 years of industry experience in the world of beverage dispensing manufacturing.

Perfect for self service areas, buffet displays and of course a wide variety of other locations, Promek's range of drink dispensing solutions are long-lasting, affordable and help serve the finest cold drinks.

Exporting 98% of their products around the world, the company are trusted worldwide, if you want a world class drink dispensing solution, then think Promek.

5 Items

  1. Promek SF112 Milk / Juice Dispenser
    12 litre capacity drinks dispenser
    List: £893.00 Save: 29%

    As low as £750.12 £625.10

  2. Promek VL223 Juice Dispenser
    Double 11.5 litre bowls
    List: £1,002.00 Save: 30%

    As low as £841.68 £701.40

  3. Promek SF224 Milk / Juice Dispenser
    Promek SF224 Milk/Juice Dispenser
    List: £1,059.00 Save: 30%

    As low as £889.56 £741.30

  4. Promek VL334 Juice Dispenser
    Triple 11.5 litre bowls
    List: £1,283.00 Save: 29%

    As low as £1,077.72 £898.10

  5. Promek SF336 Milk/Juice Dispenser
    List: £1,343.00 Save: 29%

    As low as £1,128.12 £940.10

5 Items