Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning Chemicals

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Cleaning Chemicals

Keeping your work space and work areas within your establishment is imperative, legal hygiene standards must be adhered to, otherwise you may face issues and sanctions against your business.

Despite this, keeping your work area clean, tidy and organised is actually quick and easy, especially if you have the right tools for the job.

Our range of cleaning chemicals have been designed with the sole purpose of making your cleaning tasks easier, whilst also providing exceptional germ killing cleaning power without damaging intricate equipment and making areas safe for staff and customers.

Suitable for usage in restaurants, bars, washrooms, kitchens and plenty of other locations that require a regular cleaning schedule.

We stock everything from standard polish and stainless steel cleaners to lipstick stain removers and odour control products. You can count on our cleaning products to keep your premises fresh and clean every single day.

Specialist machine cleaning detergents are also available.

If you are unsure what detergents and cleaning items you require for your business, then please give a friendly member of our team a call on 01977 687 665 to discuss your options.