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Cleaning is just as important as food preparation in any professional catering business. Make sure you adhere to strict hygiene legislation by investing in quality cleaning hardware and products for your food-related business.

With so many areas of your business that require cleaning hardware, utensils and consumables, we have collated a vast array of common everyday products to save you time, and most importantly money.

Keep your kitchen and food preparation areas spotless and 100% germ-free with our specialist cleaning chemicals and cleaning utensils, that will cut through dirt and grime, whilst being kind and safe for use on your expensive kitchen equipment.

Front of house locations are susceptible to a build-up of dust and debris, and so we have a huge selection of quality vacuum and rotary cleaners, rotary scrubbers, mop buckets and of course the obligatory floor signs.

If you need washroom products, we have all of the essential disposable items you could need from toilet paper to hand dryers. If your business needs it, then we can provide it.

Beyond the standard equipment, we can also offer pest controls options, grease traps to protect your drainage systems and even pressure washer systems for your outdoor serving areas.

To find out more about a specific product, or for questions regarding our cleaning hardware and accessories please call a member of our team on 01977 687 665.