Pest Control

Pest Control

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Pest Control

In the professional kitchen or restaurant environment, pest control must be taken incredibly seriously. Not only do insects and bugs cause guests and diners distress, they can actually cause serious harm to your hygiene processes and hygiene rating.

Pest control needs to be taken very seriously due to the nature of the pests themselves; flies can instantly spoil a meal, raw meat or fresh fruit and vegetables.

Useful for premises that find themselves inundated with insects during the hotter spring and summer months, we provide a range of professional pest control options to help prevent you from being overrun with pesky critters.

Fly Killers

A perfect passive option for getting rid of those flies, mosquitoes and more than just won't leave your kitchen areas alone.

Fly killers attract the bugs by emitting an attractive UV glow that simulates the sun, fooling those flies into being zapped and eliminating the problem. 

Low power models are designed for the sole purpose of ridding your business of insects, as it's not only flies that are attracted to the UV lighting.

Chain Door Fly Screens

Prevention is normally much more cost effective than the cure, and the simplest form of prevention is just stopping an insect invasion right at the door.

Chain door fly screens prevent flies from entering your premises and therefore the integrity of your hygiene procedures.

Not only that, but a chain door fly screen allows doors to be left open for easy access and staff movement without lowering the protection against insects.

For true prevention, a combination of both professional options can eliminate the threat of contamination by flies and other bugs.