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Coffee & Espresso Machines

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Coffee & Espresso Machines

The commercial coffee machine takes pride of place in a wide range of coffee shops, cafes, bars and restaurants as both a money making machine or as a way to enhance the drinking and dining experience of all your guests.

Coffee is one of the oldest and most popular hot drinks the world over, having been around for literally centuries, the recipes have altered somewhat, but the core ingredients remain very much the same.

Let's make no mistake, the commercial coffee machine market is very different from that of the home coffee market, the machines are much larger than home counterparts, but are capable of making coffee that is worthy of that price tag - something that can't be said of many home coffee machines.

Today there is an incredibly varied assortment of machines to choose from. Each one is suited to perform different tasks and to excel in differing locations.

We offer a unique selection that are ideal for busy kitchens, restaurants, bars and cafes that want to tap into the booming coffee market.

From traditional espresso making contraptions right through to bulk brewers, and everything else you can think of; here at CS Catering we're able to supply a wide range of coffee-making solutions and specialist brewing equipment for usage in a wide variety of catering and hospitality led environments.

Espresso machines

The father of modern coffee, the espresso machine takes pride of place in cafes, coffee shops and bars up and down the country, but why?

Well, it's down to control and precision, the espresso machine gives flexibility that simply can't be found with other coffee making options.

With a coffee machine such as this you can craft hot drinks in a multitude of ways, once you've mastered your equipment there is no limit to what you can produce, with your final product being flavoursome, stellar coffee.

Training will likely be needed to get to grips with the basics of a being a barista, but once you've mastered this art form, you will be able to literally wow your guests.

Bean to Cup Coffee machines

An ideal option for your business if coffee is planning on being a side note to other food or drinks services, in the past the bean to cup coffee machine has had a reputation for mediocre quality coffee production but this is no longer the case.

Technology and time has passed since the early 'vending machine' style machines were dominant, now the processes have been refined and the drink options increased to produce barista quality coffee with the touch of a button.

For ease of use and range of drink selection, a bean to cup machine will likely be the best option for businesses that want instant access to coffee without the added nuance of a traditional option.

Filter coffee machines

More commonly associated with the American-style diner, filter coffee is currently going through a renaissance period, as more coffee shops are taking it to the very next level.

If you simply want great tasting, single pot coffee that can take care of itself, then a filter coffee machine is a great option.

Often overlooked by 'coffee snobs', the simplicity doesn't stop filter coffee machines from making exceptional tasting brews without fanfare or fuss.

One of the most affordable options too, there's literally no excuse for making poor freeze-dried coffee for your diners when a filter option can take care of it.

If you can't find the exact model you want or are looking for, then please be sure to give us a call and we'll do our utmost to source the perfect machine for you.

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