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Samsung Commercial Microwaves

Samsung Commercial Microwaves

9 Items

  1. Amana RMS10DSA Microwave
    1000w microwave oven with 23L Internal Capacity
    £265.33 £221.11
  2. Samsung CM1099 Microwave Oven
    Light duty machine with manual controls
    List: £455.99 Save: 29%
    List: £379.99 Save: 29%
    £322.81 £269.01
  3. Samsung CM1089 Microwave Oven
    Commercial 1100W unit, designed for light duty use.
    List: £467.99 Save: 24%
    List: £389.99 Save: 24%
    £352.16 £293.47
  4. Samsung FS319 Commercial Microwave Programmable - 1000W
    1000w microwave oven with 26L Internal Capacity
    List: £647.99 Save: 18%
    List: £539.99 Save: 18%
    £528.25 £440.21
  5. Samsung FS317 Commercial Microwave Manual - 1500W
    1500w microwave oven with 26L Internal Capacity
    List: £803.99 Save: 15%
    List: £669.99 Save: 15%
    £675.92 £563.27
  6. Samsung FS315 Commercial Microwave Manual - 1850W
    Powerful and versatile 1850w microwave oven
    List: £875.99 Save: 20%
    List: £729.99 Save: 20%
    £692.59 £577.16
  7. Samsung FS316 Commercial Microwave Programmable - 1850W
    1850w microwave oven with 26L Internal Capacity
    List: £899.99 Save: 21%
    List: £749.99 Save: 21%
    £704.34 £586.95
  8. Samsung FS318 Commercial Microwave Programmable - 1500W
    1500w microwave oven with 26L Internal Capacity
    List: £839.99 Save: 16%
    List: £699.99 Save: 16%
    £704.34 £586.95
  9. Amana AFS518TSU Microwave Oven
    1000w microwave oven with 23L Internal Capacity
    £745.33 £621.11

9 Items

Samsung Commercial Microwaves

Leaders in electronic equipment, Samsung have a rich history of creating electronics and gadgets that shape and refine our day-to-day lives.

Samsung commercial microwaves are no different, providing professional caterers and foodservice businesses with the rapid, powerful microwave cooking that is required when tight service deadlines are to be met. 

Utilising their technological know-how, the South Korean company create some of the finest commercial microwaves available in the catering industry. 

As proprietors of only quality professional catering equipment, we ensure that you get the very best deal on Samsung Commercial Microwaves direct from our online catalogue.

Useful as a reheating and cooking aid, the addition of a commercial microwave could streamline many of your food preparation processes, alleviating the pressure on your kitchen staff and improving overall efficiency.

Featuring cutting-edge technology and refined designs, some Samsung commercial microwave options give up to 35% more usable cavity space than rival offerings, giving you the ability to prepare larger dishes with ease.

Experts in consumer technology, all Samsung microwaves are incredibly sleek, robust and efficient machines, it's no wonder why Samsung are one of the market leaders in professional microwave solutions.

Unlike a home equivalent, these units are designed to withstand the day-to-day rigours of a kitchen or foodservice environment and don't look out of place in prominent front-of-house locations.

With a superb range of microwaves to choose from, a commercial microwave is quality investment for your kitchen, with capacities ranging from small to large, and power outputs available to suit all types of business.

We have popular models from the South Korean tech giant, including the Samsung CM1929, CM1099 and CM1919, all with innovative and time-saving features to enable you to focus on what really matters in your business.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about any of the Samsung microwaves featured on our site, then please call 01977 687 665 to discuss your options.