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Fryers - Free Standing

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Fryers - Free Standing

An established favourite and a stalwart of the catering industry, our range of free-standing fryers are all high quality and economical units that provide chefs a dedicated unit to prepare British favourites such as fish and chips whilst maximising speed and efficiency.

Fried foods might have a stigma attached to them by some, but like anything, in moderation or when using low-fat oils, you can achieve cooking results that are simply not possible when cooking via other methods.

The free-standing fryer offers flexibility that many other units lack, with the capability for large amounts of fried food produced when your kitchen is at maximum output.

Whilst the form factor allows for placement within an organised cooking station so that your kitchen operates smoothly and efficiently.

Unlike many other pieces of kitchen equipment, the deep fat fryer sometimes gets a bad reputation for creating food that is high in saturated fats or, as is often the case, used to make convenience fast food.

With a simple change of frying oil, you can in fact, make an array of healthier fried foods for diners without compromising on quality, taste and efficiency.

Made by trusted brands such as Falcon, Blue Seal and Parry, whatever your budget or specification, you will find a suitable fryer in our selection.

Electric or gas models with either single or double frying compartments are available for flexible cooking and a variety of options to suit your particular business.

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