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Keg Coolers

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Keg Coolers

Important in any pub, bar or nightclub, a keg cooler keeps your beer kegs cool and helps your beer taste at its best no matter the ambient temperature in your business.

A specialist product that can be used in beer cellars or directly under your counter or bar, a professional keg cooler is a must for any business that is serious about beer.

Ideal if you don't have access to a cellar, a keg cooler can transform any location into the perfect location for a proper British bar.

Easy to operate and even easier to maintain, if you are looking for true professional options then our exclusive Gamko keg cooler range will provide you with all the features you need.

Fitted with a condenser unit and automatic defrost programmes, our options are ideal for even novice bar staff.

Perfect for pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants wanting to serve the finest craft ales, lagers and other beers. With beer making a comeback in recent years, make sure you serve only the best by investing in the right equipment.

Keeping not just kegs cool, the Gamko FK line are perfect for storage crate of drinks or cartons, safely stored and ready for serving or stock cycling where necessary.

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