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Serve Over Counters

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Serve Over Counters

For catering businesses that serve directly to customers, a dedicated serving counter or serve over counter will provide an exceptional solution, whilst performing a fantastic role in displaying fresh food to potential customers.

A common sight in a variety of catering businesses, including cafes, delis and supermarkets, a serve over counter is a stylish way to show off all manner of produce, whilst also offering refrigerated storage for perishable goods.

Capable of keeping a wide variety of food and drink items chilled for extended periods of time, the options provided by serve over counter make them an exceptional piece of catering equipment for a wide range of takeaway venues.

Our selection includes popular lines from market leading brands such as Trimco, Blizzard and Victor, and features an exceptional range of choice.

We are also proud to offer a range of bespoke, custom servery counters and serve over counters to meet the exact requirement of your business, if you are seeking truly tailored customer service, then please click to to visit our dedicated custom servery counter page.

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