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Tabletop Prep Units

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Tabletop Prep Units

Keep your serving and preparation areas organised, tidy and clean without compromising on the quality of raw and fresh produce with the addition of a dedicated tabletop prep unit.

Providing a range of separate storage slots and glass serving guards (or sneeze guards), by adding a dedicated tabletop preparation unit, your food making process can be streamlined with the addition of a dedicated unit such as these.

A common sight in a variety of food service areas such as sandwich shops, burger bar and much more. These units are perfect for meats, fruit, vegetables and salad items saving time and effort when creating specific dishes.

Give your staff direct access to organised and chilled food items without slowing down service, whilst also keeping your fresh produce and raw ingredients safe to consume without compromising on quality or food safety.

Available in a range of styles, shapes, sizes and finishes from brands such as Blizzard, Cheftec, Foster, Genfrost, Lincat, Polar and Williams, there is a tabletop prep unit to streamline your food creation process.

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