Fiesta CW715 Recyclable Coffee Cup Lids Black - 1000 Lids

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  • Manufacturer: Fiesta
  • Model No: CW716
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Stay fully stocked up with drink to-go essentials using this pack of 1000 x 8oz black, Fiesta disposable coffee cup lids. Delivering a tight fit, these coffee cup lids help to keep hot drinks secure and reduce the risk of spills - keep customers safe and comfortable whilst enjoying their hot drinks.

And as each lid is made with an "8oz" marking on the top, they make it easy for staff to find the correct size during busy services. Lids are also clearly marked with the phrase "Caution Contents Hot", that reminds customers to take care when drinking tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

What Material Are These Coffee Cup Lids Made From? - These lids are made from tough polystyrene, giving them great strength and sturdiness. This helps to ensure a tight lid fit and stops them from cracking or splitting when in use.

Can I Recycle These Lids? - While polystyrene can technically be recycled, many facilities won't accept these lids as the material is difficult to process. So you should always check with your waste management provider first before sending the lids for recycling.

Which Cups Can I Use With The Lids? - These lids will fit any of the 8oz Fiesta disposable coffee cups, making them a versatile addition to any venue serving hot drinks to-go.

  • Dimensions 17(H) x 93(Ø)mm
  • Material Polystyrene
  • Weight 3.3g
  • Colour Black
  • The lids help to retain heat and keep drinks hot
  • A tough polystyrene build makes the lids strong and sturdy
  • The lids have "Caution Contents Hot" written across the top to improve safety
  • The "12/16oz" marking also shows which cups the lids fit for fast service
  • These lids can be stacked for space-saving storage
  • Certified food-safe
  • These lids are not widely accepted for recycling
  • The lids are not microwave safe
  • Fits the 340ml | 12oz and 455ml | 16oz Fiesta hot cups (sold separately)
  • These lids also create a tight seal to reduce the risk of spills
  • A small hole allows steam to escape and allows for easy sipping
  • This hole can also be used to fit stirrers and straws
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