Lincat CIBO+ High Speed Oven - Red

23 Litre Internal Capacity
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  • Manufacturer: Lincat Catering Equipment
  • Model No: CIBOPLUS/R
  • Delivery: Contact us for a delivery time estimate
  • Warranty: 2 Years Parts & Labour

The unique Tri-Heat technology is game-changing in terms of the quality of the cook it delivers. A rear launched microwave with a stirrer brings speed to the cooking process. TurboAir distributes high-speed airflow in a cylindrical pattern over the food for fast even colouration. Adjustable temperature control, rapid heat up and direct cooking on the toughened neo ceram ContactBase delivers perfect base colouration and crispiness - there are no soggy bottoms with CiBO+! Our technology ensures quality is not compromised for speed, we wanted both in our design.

What also makes CiBO+ unique is the five temperature groups, instead of compromising food quality by cooking everything at the same temperature, users can set up to five different oven and base temperatures and then menu items can be assigned to a group which will deliver the best results.

High on the agenda for end-users was achieving the same high-quality results for every order. Ventless, compact and plugging into a standard 13amp socket, CiBO+ is designed to be used in non-traditional spaces generating additional revenue points with limited space. Garage forecourts, convenience stores, restaurants, coffee shops and bars, front and back of house CiBO+ can be used literally anywhere that food could be offered.

With CiBO+ achieve the same high-quality result every time. Simply press any one of the 40 menu items on the QPad touch screen and the oven will do the rest. Removing language barriers, minimising training time, operating errors and food waste. It is easy to customise the position of menu items on the screen and optimise recipe settings to suit the needs of the business with the Touch & Change concept technology. Simply touch what needs to be changed, and change it. The PIN lock can be utilised to protect recipe settings, for the same great results every time regardless of the operator.

For chains and multi-site operations, menus can be cloned and shared between sites via USB. Designed to deliver big in small spaces, the 395mm x 600mm compact footprint has a generously sized oven easily accommodating a 12” pizza!


  • EASY TO USE QPAD - simply press any of the 40 menu items and the oven will do the rest. Removes language barriers, minimises training time, operating errors and food waste.
  • TOUCH & CHANGE - Just touch what you want to change. Easy operation, minimal training required.
  • CUSTOMISE - Change the position of the menu items on the HD screen. Simplify operations and increase efficiency.
  • COLOURCUE - Great for noisy, busy environments, see the status of the oven at a glance: red – action is required such as unload; amber – the oven is preheating or cooking; green – the oven is ready.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY - On touch points including the touch screen and door handle. Reduce the spread of viruses.
  • 80 MENU ICONS to chose from and an on-screen qwerty keyboard. Easily label each menu item.
  • USB for updates, configuring and cloning menu sharing. Easily share settings across multi site operations for consistency. Future proof your investment.
  • MULTI LANGUAGE - English, German, French, Italian and Spanish


  • Heat Sources: Microwave, ContactBase, TurboAir
  • Microwave power: 1000W
  • Oven element power: 0.5kW + 1.5kW
  • Base heat power: 0.7kW
  • Total Power: 3kW
  • Temperature Range: 30-280°C
  • Ventless: Yes, catalytic convertor
  • Stackable: With stacking stand
  • Number of menu items: 40 programmes, 8 items per group
  • Stages of Cooking: 4 stages per programme
  • Operation: Touch Screen
  • Antimicrobial Protection: Yes - touch screen and door handle
  • Touch & Change: Yes
  • ColourCue Oven Status: Yes
  • Screen size: 5” diagonal/110 x 66mm
  • Resolution: 800 x 480
  • IPS screen (can be viewed equally well from any angle): Yes
  • Weight: 52Kg
  • Internal Dimensions: 195mm (H) x 340mm (W) x 350mm (D)
  • Dimensions: 640mm (H) x 395mm (W) x 665mm (D)