Lincat Lynx LCOT Slim Countertop Convection Oven

Tall Countertop convection oven for uniform heat and consistent cooking results.
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  • Fan assisted oven
  • Double glazed glass door and internal light
  • Capacity: 4 x GN2/3
  • Shelf Spacing: 80mm
  • User replaceable interior light, door seal and inner door glass
  • Uniform heat and consistent cooking results
  • Power: Electric
  • Capacity: 53 litres
  • Dimensions(mm); 495w x 570d x 570h
  • Rating 13A


The Lincat LCOT countertop convection oven (or Lynx Convection Oven) is perfect for usage in a wide range of foodservice and hospitality industry locations that require a quality heating and cooking option but lack the space or requirement for a larger or higher output convection oven.

Designed and crafted to offer unrivaled cooking performance in a compact and well-crafted package, the LCO allows you to offer a wide range of hot foods, such as hot pies, pastries, pizzas and much much more.

A precise and powerful unit, the Lincat LCO benefits from fan-assisted power for uniform heat and consistent cooking results, absolutely perfect for baking and roasting.

The double glazed door provides exceptional heat retention, whilst also providing you visual access to your cooking produce, the internal light also ensures that you are always on top of whatever you plan on cooking.

With two removable chrome shelves, you have more control over the cooking cavity than some larger ovens at the same price point. With a complete capacity of 33 litres giving you exceptional flexibility for any dishes you wish to prepare.

Easy to clean due to the vitreous enameled interior, this is a well designed and easy to operate small convection oven with robust hinges and a solid door latch for safe usage.

Constructed from stainless steel, this sleek model is at home in almost any countertop situation, and is perfect for a wide range of kitchens.

Not only is the Lynx Convection Oven affordable, it also allows you to save on maintenance costs with user replaceable inner door glass, light bulbs and door seals, helping you to avoid high service costs and costly routine fixes.