Maidaid C502 Undercounter Glasswasher

Whether you require a glasswasher for a small hotel, café, restaurant or nursing home, there will be a suitable model in the C Range for you.

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Maidaid C502 Undercounter Glasswasher
Maidaid C502 Undercounter Glasswasher

In stock

£2,386.67 £1,988.89

    • Manufacturer: Maidaid
    • Model No: c502
    • Cat No: C502-GW
    • Delivery: Next working day * (Order by 12 noon)
    • Warranty: 2 Years Parts & Labour

    The Maidaid C range of commercial glass and dishwashers not only offer affordability, but a simplicity and reliability for your establishment.

    Coming with innovative features such as self-diagnostic panels to help prevent errors and automatically alert you if there is a problem with your machine or loaded cutlery and crockery.

    Bright LED display with soft touch panels allows for easy programming and simple operation even without training.

    The Maidaid C502 comes with a range of cycle times, with programmable cycle times to suit specific sites or establishments.

    With a self-cleaning feature, the C502 is incredibly easy to manage and comes supplied with surface scrap tray filters.

    Available with a gravity drain unit, the Maidaid C502 is one of the best undercounter dishwashing options available on the market.


    • Bright LED display with soft touch panels
    • Accurate detergent and rinse aid peristaltic dosing as standard
    • Supplied with two open cup/glass racks
    • Three selectable cycle options plus special application cycle options
    • Cycle times between 70 & 240 secs, including special cycles
    • Cycle times can be tailored to site requirements
    • Selectable energy saving mode
    • Selectable thermostop ensures optimum rinse temperatures
    • Automatic self-cleaning at end of service
    • Surface scrap tray filters
    • Operational self diagnostics
    • Twin traffic light display indicate machine status
    • Drain pump optional
    • Partial double skinned reducing noise and heat loss
    • Suitable for hot (max 50°C) or cold water supply at 2 to 4 bar dynamic supply pressure
    • Machines fitted to cold water supplies will not be capable of running repeated short cycles.
    • The cycle time will automatically be extended to allow recovery of correct operating temperatures
    • Wash temperature 60°C (adjustable)
    • Rinse temperature 65°C (adjustable)
    • Dimensions: 580w x 610d x 815h (height excludes feet 10-20mm)
    • Rating 30A as standard (can also be ordered as 13A or 20A)
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