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The ultimate in outdoor cooking prowess and output, the commercial barbeque dwarfs the smaller home equivalent in both cooking capability and potential food-making possibilities.

Ideal for the hot summer season — no matter how short! — punters are desperate to indulge in the British barbecue without the fuss and hassle.

As a seasonal cooking option, the commercial barbecue can be a true crowd pleaser, providing rapid cooking potential alongside low operating costs and high returns.

For those with outdoor space, the barbecue could be the ideal way to showcase your surrounds and comfortable outdoor areas.

Diversify your service options with the ultimate BBQ experience for both guests and kitchen staff, by adding a powerful cooking solution from our professional barbecue selection.

Reliable and hard wearing units that have been built with professionals in mind and therefore can enable an establishment to capitalise on those summer months when customers naturally flock to terraced areas in to enjoy the weather.

From gas to charcoal, foldable to static, our selection of high performance and portable BBQs include Cinders Barbecues, Crown Verity, Buffalo, Kamado Joe and more, to satisfy all of your requirements regarding outdoor catering.

If you want to offer BBQ-like experience all year round then check out our range of exceptional Chargrills - perfectly suited for any kitchen and available in free-standing and countertop variations.

To discuss our entire range and to learn more about how a professional unit such as this can benefit your business, then please call 01977 687 665.

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