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Chargrills and gas chargrills provide your kitchen with a cooking method that not only produces incredibly healthy results when compared to frying or simply grilling but gives your food an iconic and classic look and taste that can't simply be replicated via other methods.

Continually producing healthy and great tasting food is a massive reason that chargrills are used in a wide variety of commercial kitchens around the globe.

Easy to use and without the stress and mess associated with coal cooking, a dedicated chargrill could prove invaluable within your kitchen as a direct competitor to many of the cooking processes that you currently rely on.

With light duty to heavy duty chargrills available, in various finishes, shapes and sizes, we are sure that you will find an option to suit your specific needs.

Free-standing chargrills are perfect for areas that have the associated space and need for a high output cooking unit, but for areas where a completely free-standing option are not viable, we can offer tabletop and countertop chargrill options designed to meet your exact specifications.

Powerful and suited well to cooking raw produce direct from frozen, you can achieve a smokey charcoal grilled flavour without the need for costly and inconvenient lava rock.

Perfect for restaurants, hotels, and even bars who want to specialise in steaks, chicken and fish dishes; our aim is to offer one of the most comprehensive chargrill ranges on the commercial catering market.

Gas chargrills

Requiring a gas connection, we have a range of options suited for mobile caterers, allowing you to cook the best quality grilled food without needed mains connection.

Electric chargrills

Safe, powerful and efficient an electric chargrill requires nothing but an electrical connection, providing that same incredible results as gas-powered chargrills without requiring a gas connection.

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