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Food Smokers

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Food Smokers

Smoking is a traditional process that adds flavour to certain types of food, though the method is predominantly used for the preparation and cooking of meat and fish.

With smoked food, you are not limited to just cooked options, cold smoking is commonplace and allows you to add a distinctive smokey flavour whilst keeping your food 'raw'.

Smokers are a fantastic appliance for restaurants and bistros, especially those that are looking to set themselves apart from their rivals.

The wealth of smoking options are perfect to help you revitalise your menu overnight.

If you were unaware, there are two distinct smoking methods to adhere to, each with their own application and use-case.

Hot Smokers

These are used for both cooking and flavouring, think BBQ, the flavours can be adjusted via the usage of specific briquettes or wood chips.

Most commonly used with meats and fish, the hot smoker is a quality option for recreating that BBQ flavour all year round, or simply adding a layer of complexity to the taste of your meat-focussed dishes.

Cold Smokers

Often used to add that smokey flavour to cold foods such as cheese and butter, a cold smoker is a post-cooking tool that helps round-off or finish a foodstuff.

They can be used for meats, and are most often associated with smokey bacon, which is one of the key applications for these particular pieces of kit.

Unlike the hot smoker - which cooks - the structure and quality of cold foods is retained for an added extra flavour rather than being the main focus.

The two options create very different results and are useful to very different business types.

Providing a wealth of options for your food preparation staff, if you're in the market for a food smoker, then we're sure you'll find the perfect option to suit both your budget and your requirements.

Smoking Chips

Not often lauded, but definitely worth mentioning, smoking chips offer you more nuanced ways to add a whole host of smokey flavour.

Experimentation is a key part of getting to grips with a piece of kit like a smoker, and so a wealth of smoking chip options allows you to do this.

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