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Breakfast like a king

Author David
Posted On 3rd July 2013

The legend that breakfast is the most important meal of the day has been given some weight by recent research showing that skipping the meal has an amazing  300 million knock on effect upon the UK’s economy.

More than 50% of us skip breakfast on work days and the result is apparently a loss of 82 minutes out of every working day.

It seems hungry workers are less productive than those who turn up satisfied from a good breakfast.

Those who start the day without breakfast find it harder to focus and lack energy.

The report found that just over half of workers don’t bother with breakfast because they’re in too much of a hurry to stop and eat and 10% bemoan a lack of decent ‘on the go’ breakfast options.

The problem is at its worst in the capital, where workers skip breakfast an average of twice per week, with 101 unproductive minutes as a result.

In the West Midlands, workers also go without a couple of times per week to the tune of 73 minutes of productive time lost before lunch.

East Midlands workers are better, with over 50% saying they always start the day with breakfast.

Age is also a factor, with nearly a third of workers under the age of 25 failing to eat a morning meal any day of the working week.

The 45-54 age group know better, with less than 20% skipping the meal daily and most claiming to eat breakfast every day.