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Category: Food trends

Would you eat a sushi doughnut?

Author Aidan
Posted On 5th November 2018

Sushi Doughnuts CS Catering Blog Poke Burri

Most people agree that doughnuts are a delicious tasty treat that come in a flavour for everyone. Some people like a basic jam filling, others like theirs a bit more extravagant. As a famous cartoon character once said, “Mmmm, Doughnuts…”.

But would you choose a doughnut with an eel sauce or wasabi mayonnaise topping? In the weirdly wonderful world of Instagram, #sushidonut and #sushipizza have been trending alongside photos of bright, interesting and well-presented doughnut shaped sushi arrangements.

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Would you drink a can of fizzy milk?

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 25th September 2017

Fizzy milk could be the answer to the decreasing popularity of traditional dairy, as more people choose milk alternatives for the health benefits.

One of the UK’s largest dairy producers, Arla, is looking to win over a generation of people that are shunning regular milk in favour of the likes of oat, almond, soy and rice milk.

We’re sceptical of the choice to introduce fizzy milk, but if it works for some drinkers, then we can’t really argue!

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10 Crazy Ice Cream Flavours

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 10th April 2017

The start of summer means that the ice cream and gelato parlours of the United Kingdom are going to be jumping with joy as they fill with punters looking to cool off in the (hopefully) hot weather.

As far as sweet treats go, there sometimes is nothing better than a cool ice cream cone with a dollop of your favourite flavour.

But some have to take it way to far in a bid to out-do one another, so here we are going to chronicle some of the most crazy ice cream flavours ever concocted. Trust us, you probably wouldn’t like any of these terrible tasting ice abominations…

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