Campaign planned to boost pork’s popularity


Pulled pork has taken the nation by storm. A few short years ago the slow-cooked method of cooking pork wasn’t commonplace in commercial kitchens, but now the dish is thriving and given a prominent place on many menu boards of fine-dining restaurants, fast food outlets and gastro-pubs. Whether you want it as a main, as an accompaniment or part of your sandwich filling, we’ve gone crazy for tender pulled pork.

But despite its rise to prominence in commercial establishments and being a favourite amongst diners, it seems that pork isn’t as popular as you might think…

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Easter Catering Purchases


Very shortly children of a school going age will be breaking up for a couple weeks away from their academic endeavours whilst those of us who work the ‘normal’ 9-5 weekday shift will be looking forward to a handful of Bank Holiday’s scattered in our general direction. For restaurants, bars and other dining and drinking premises, it’s an exciting time and typically prosperous of the year.

Are you set up for Easter?

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New Dishwasher Professional Appliances


One of three brands that operates under the larger umbrella of Catering Equipment Professional (formerly known as Alpeninox UK), Dishwasher Professional is recognised as one of the leading suppliers of commercial warewashing units in the United Kingdom.

Based in Cambridgeshire market town of Ramsey, the team at Dishwasher Professional has become one of the leading glass and dishwashing brands that operate on our shores thanks to their long-established relationship with a leading European manufacturer.

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Will you be considering different cuts and different meats?


Prices for popular meats such as beef and lamb are rising, despite the fact that inflation has, relatively speaking, kept the overall cost of food low. Unfortunately, it’s a case of supply and demand.

For example, there has been a noticeable drop in in the number of cattle coming to market in Great Britain and this can be correlated with the price of beef gradually climbing upwards.

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St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s Day, the one day in the year where everybody is Irish, whether they have any emerald blood running through their veins or not, takes place next week and it’s an event that has many within the catering, publican and hospitality sectors rubbing their hands with glee.

The associated revelry and celebrations are well-known and for those working in the industry the event is one that represents a perfect opportunity to maximise footfall and increase revenues in a few easy steps.

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Spring Clean Price Crash

Spring clean

Are you prepared for a deep spring clean?

With discounts of at least 50% on our collection of Cheftec cleaning products, this is one price crash of spectacular savings that you do not want to miss out on!

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New range of Burco Convection Ovens available to pre-order


Since the Baby Burco Wash Boiler emerged on the scene in the 1950s, Burco has been at the forefront of the commercial catering equipment sector.

A company with a rich history, Burco originally focused on manufacturing water boilers before recently branching out to build a wide range of British made products that would be suitable for a whole manner of premises be they large or small, indoor or outdoor.

With a reputation built upon affordability and reliability, it is no wonder why Burco Burco has become a leading name in the British catering sector.

Now,  the company is set to unveil their latest line.

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Key pastry accessories

CSC-PieAfter featuring a number of products that will allow you to showcase your wonderful wares during British Pie Week, we now are turning attention to those utensils which will help you achieve pie perfection.

Steak and ale, chicken and mushroom, apple, rhubarb (something that we’re partial to in all honesty) or four and twenty blackbirds, the pie’s filling is quite important. But perhaps even more so – especially to those passing customers who – is the presentation.

Be it shortcrust or puff, filo or choux, making sure that the pastry is spot on can make or break a pie. And so, ensuring you have the right tools to hand is extremely important.

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Get the perfect crust for British Pie Week

CSC-PieResearch suggests that 75% of the UK population enjoy tucking into a pie at least once a month and, luckily, British Pie Week is on the horizon.

Despite the rise of exotic cuisines and trendy diets, a good pie is still a favourite of the nation. Be it pork, steak and ale, vegetable or a traditional Bramley apple, a pie, we feel, is to be applauded and placed upon a pedestal.

With people predicting that classic British foods are expected to undergo a renaissance this year thanks in part to the rise of street food and pop-up catering carts, British Pie Week has fallen at a perfect time for those in the catering trade.

Starting on the 02nd March and running for seven days, the week long event will give restaurants, cafes, caterers and producers alike the chance to to celebrate and promote pie par excellence.

We’ll be publishing a few articles over the next few days highlighting products and recipes that will ensure you’ll get the most out of the event and the best place to start is at the front of house.

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A very positive January

RestaurantKevin Jenkins, the UK and Ireland Managing Director for Visa Europe, uttered the words that put a smile on the faces of a large proportion of the hospitality and catering sectors where he announced that there was “no evidence of a New Year hangover on overall consumer spending.”

And in further good news, Jenkins also noted that there was a “solid increase in year-on-year spending.”

Data from a number of industries were monitored and once all the information and collated, processed and compared to previous figures, it was the hospitality and catering sectors which reported the strongest increase in spending volumes.

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