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Eggs-tremely popular

Author David
Posted On 8th July 2013


The humble egg is having a moment in British kitchens.

Its popularity waned for a few years on the back of scare-mongering surrounding its effect upon cholesterol levels but, fired by a boom in chicken keeping and more solid scientific research showing its nutritional properties in a more benevolent light, the egg is firmly back on British menus.

Many a cook has based their cooking endeavours around the versatility of the egg.

There are almost endless ways to prepare, cook and eat eggs outside the stalwart scrambled, fried, boiled and in baking and the following books have done a lot of the hard work for you:

Michel Roux’s super simply-titled ‘Eggs’ takes its inspiration from the importance of the eponymous ingredient in French cooking.

Allegedly a toque hat contains 100 pleats to represent the number of egg dishes one must master to truly be considered a chef.

Roux’s book makes French culinary sophistication very accessible.

Rose Carrarini’s ‘How to Boil an Egg’ gives a good grounding in eggy basics before getting more creative with eclectic recipe suggestions such as egg soups or savoury oriental custard.

‘Good Egg’ by Genevieve Taylor offers a more international take on the genre, with seasonal recipes that add a lot of freedom to the basic ingredient.

There are egg recipes from Korea alongside those from Brittany for those hoping to get adventurous with their omelettes.

‘Five Fat Hens’ by Tim Halket is based upon using eggs as a direct result of chicken keeping rather than pure culinary endeavour and touches upon all aspects of egg use in the kitchen.