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International Mushy Pea Day: Yes, it’s a thing!

Author Damien Wilde
Posted On 10th November 2017

Well colour us surprised, a national day for a food item that we have neglected for some time…and we love mushy peas!

The mushy pea probably deserves it’s own week of recognition, but unfortunately, we have to make do with 24 hours of the gooey green goodness.

Today marks the very first iteration of the event, which of course, has been started to help raise the profile of our favourite fish and chip accompaniment and the chip shops that have helped make them a part of British takeaway tradition.

I’m sure many are thinking, ‘International?’, we did too! It turns out that the mushy pea isn’t limited to just the United Kingdom, with replica fish and chip shops all over the globe serving the greenery alongside their take on one of our oldest fast foods.

Locations as far as Australia and Malaysia are signed up to take part, proving that the pea is not limited to just these British shores.

The custodians of this inaugural International Mushy Pea Day is The Harbour Lights in Falmouth after they decided that the mushy pea just didn’t get quite enough action for their liking.

After they dreamt up the idea, the Cornish chippy have gone all out with a pea song, pea games, pea costumes and some pea recipes to woo those who might not necessarily have been willing to have their peas mushy in the past – or simply have never had them before!

It’s strange to us to hear of locations such as Canada, the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia all getting behind the celebration, but with large British contingents in those regions, it should probably come as no surprise.

As for mushy peas as a food, one David Beckham requested that they be served as part of this 42nd (yes, he is that old!) birthday tea.

Packed full of protein with essential nutrients including iron, zinc, potassium and fibre. Rich in vitamins and low in calories there are almost a super food!

Many fish and chip shops up and down the country (and across the world) are offering mushy peas for half price on P-Day, so there’s no excuse for not trying the traditional tea time treat with your order from the chippy.

As for what we can do to help the mushy pea aficionado or Fish and Chip shop owner? Well, unsurprisingly quite a lot!

Our range of wet bain maries and even soup kettles are ideal for keeping your mushy peas fresh all day long.

Ready to serve at a moments notice.

If making mushy peas is a problem at present, then we have everything from stick blenders to potato ricers that can help you make smooth peas with no problems.

As for how we like our mushy peas? Little bit of Henderson’s Relish with a hot homemade pie. Can’t beat it.

If you’d like to learn more about International Mushy Pea Day then please visit: www.mushypeaday.com

Or get involved with the project on social media: @mushypeaday